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We always create favorable conditions for employees to develop their potential, encourage learning and improve knowledge in order to take on higher responsibilities so that they can devote and stick with the Company for a long time.

With a professional and energetic working environment, Eras Group is an ideal place to realize your successful dreams. 


Career opportunities

Eras Group has a prioritizing promotion policy for internal personnel, so there are many opportunities for employees. Individuals who work well and make excellent contributions will be given the opportunity to develop at a higher level in terms of management as well as professional expertise. The recognition of achievements is based on an objective and fair KPIs evaluation system.

Compensation and benefits


Salary: Commensurate with job position and capacity. Salary tier is determined based on the complexity and importance of each position in relation to other positions in the company.

Salary increase: Annually based on the needs, nature of work, operation situation, business management of the Company and the work completion level of employees. In addition, employees with excellent achievements and positive contributions can be raised by the Company ahead of time.

Compensation and benefits: Income policy, remuneration and bonus regimes are fair, transparent and competitive in the labor market, especially in the rapidly growing real estate industry: 13th month salary, performance-based salary, Bonus shares for senior leaders, annual salary adjustment based on the results of performance evaluation and business performance of the Company.

Cơ hội nghề nghiệp

Remuneration policy


Considering that human resources are one of the key factors to ensure sustainable development, ERAS GROUP is committed to bringing attractive welfare and remuneration policies to all employees.

- Bonus on major holidays of the year based on actual business situation.

- Periodic health check and insurance according to the provisions of the Law.

- Policies to take care of employees' lives: Birthday gifts, gifts for the Lunar New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, filial piety, maternity leave, visits, etc.

- Allowance for lunch, business trip, transportation, phone support, staff uniform, ...

12 days of leave/year as prescribed by law and annual vacation program to regenerate labor force.

- Sports activities for employees to exchange and exercise.


We have been building training programs, talent development and succession development programs to help ERAS GROUP employees develop their careers and stay with the Company for a long time.

Remuneration policy